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Preliminary Course on Mathematics (Winter Semester 2017/18)

  • Lecturer: PD Dr. Frank Hettlich
  • Classes: Lecture (0100000)
  • Weekly hours: 1
  • Audience: Maschinenbau, Bioingenieurwesen, Chemieingenieurwesen, Elektrotechnik, Bauingenieurwesen (1. semester)
Lecture: Begin: 4.10.2017, End: 13.10.2017
Lecturer PD Dr. Frank Hettlich
Office hours: Wednesday 10:30am - 12am and on appointment
Room 1.042 Kollegiengebäude Mathematik (20.30)
Email: frank.hettlich@kit.edu

In this preliminary course we repeat mathematical notations and techniques which are known from school and which will be important in the begining of mathematical courses at the university. The course will be seperated in lectures and tutorials, where you should work in small groups on given problems. The course will be taught in German.

An application to the course is not required!

A timetable for the lectures is shown on the German version of this page.

Tutorials will take place at each of these days starting a half hour after the lecture.


The course will be based on the scriptum
F. Hettlich, Vorkurs Mathematik, Shaker Verlag.(in German).