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Photo of Andreas Kirsch

Prof. Dr. Andreas Kirsch

  • Karlsruhe Institute of Technology(KIT)
    Department of Mathematics
    Institute for Applied and Numerical Mathematics
    Kaiserstr. 89-93
    76128 Karlsruhe


You find my publications since 1990 here.


Andreas Kirsch, Wolfgang Warth, and Jochen Werner: Notwendige Optimalitätsbedingungen und ihre Anwendung. Volume 152 of Lecture Notes in Economics and Mathematical Systems. Springer, Berlin-Heidelberg-New York, 1978.

Thomas Angell and Andreas Kirsch. Optimization Methods in Electromagnetic Radiation. Springer Monographs in Mathematics. Springer, New-York, 2004.

Andreas Kirsch and Natalia Grinberg. The Factorization Method for Inverse Problems. Oxford University Press, Oxford, 2008. Corrections and plots are found here: The Factorization Method for Inverse Problems

Andreas Kirsch. An Introduction to the Mathematical Theory of Inverse Problems. Volume 120 of Applied Mathematical Sciences. Springer, New-York, third edition, 2021.

Andreas Kirsch and Frank Hettlich. The Mathematical Theory of Time–Harmonic Maxwell’s Equations. Expansion–, Integral–, and Variational Methods. Applied Mathematical Sciences. Springer, New-York, 2015.