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Nachwuchsgruppe: Numerical analysis of multiscale methods

This workgroup is concerned with the sign and numerical analysis of computation methods for partial differential equations.
A special focus is on multiscale methods for partial differential equations with general rough and unstructured coefficients. Materials with multiscale structures appear in many applications and pose a huge challenge for numerical simulations because fine material features cannot be computationally resolved even with modern computer resources. Numerical multiscale methods rely on the decomposition of the exact solution into a macroscopic and a fine-scale contribution. Hence, the macroscopic or global behavior of the solution can be faithfully approximated with a coarse mesh.
In our research, we aim to design and understand new multiscale methods for problems with nonlinearities, randomness and multiscale dynamics. Applications include wave propagation in heterogeneous media, which can lead to unusual and astonishing effects such as negative refraction, flat lenses, etc.

News/Open positions

Within the Emmy-Noether project "Numerical methods for nonlinear, random und dynamic multiscale problems" a PhD positions is vacant. If you are interested and have very good knowledge of numerical methods for partial differential equations (in particular finite element method), please contact Dr. Barbara Verfürth for details on the project and the required qualifications.

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+49 721 608-42683 daniel.eckhardt@kit.edu
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