Webrelaunch 2020

Studies in Summer Semester 2020

Dear students,

due to the current corona-situation the summer semester 2020 cannot run as usual. According to the corona-regulation of the State of Baden-Württemberg assemblies of more than five people in one room are not admissible. Accordingly, lectures, exercise classes and seminars in classical form are not possible as long as these regulations are in place (currently until June 15, 2020). Nevertheless, online classes at KIT will start on time on April 20.

You find the most important information in the following letter:

Letter from the Directorate of the Department concerning classes during the summer semester 2020

In the following files you find a list of lectures, exercise classes and seminars, which are offered online:

Lectures and exercise classe during the summer semester 2020
Seminars and proseminars during the summer semester 2020