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Oberwolfach workshops and seminars under participation of Karlsruhe

The Mathematical Research Institute of Oberwolfach (MFO) is the meeting point for mathematicians in Germany. It organizes weekly workshops on diverse topics where mathematicians and scientists from all over the world come to do collaborative research.

Under participation of Karlsruhe numerous workshops and seminars have been held in recent years (selection):


2014, March 16–22
Nonlinear Evolution Equations: Analysis and Numerics
Marlis Hochbruck, Karlsruhe
Serge Nicaise, Valenciennes
Alexander Ostermann, Innsbruck
Roland Schnaubelt, Karlsruhe
Workshop ID: 1412

2012, February 19–25
Inverse Problems for Partial Differential Equations
Martin Hanke-Bourgeois, Mainz
Andreas Kirsch, Karlsruhe
William Rundell, Austin
Matti Lassas, Helsinki
Workshop ID: 1208b

2011, June 05–11
Arithmetic Groups vs. Mapping Class Groups:
Similarities, Analogies and Differences

Benson Farb, Chicago
Lizhen Ji, Ann Arbor
Enrico Leuzinger, Karlsruhe
Werner Müller, Bonn
Workshop ID: 1123

2011, March 20–26
Geometric Numerical Integration
Ernst Hairer, Geneve
Marlis Hochbruck, Karlsruhe
Arieh Iserles, Cambridge
Christian Lubich, Tübingen
Workshop ID: 1112

2010, October 17–23
Mathematical Challenges in Stochastic Networks
Serguei Foss, Edinburgh
Günter Last, Karlsruhe
Michel Mandjes, Amsterdam
Balaji Prabhakar, Stanford
Workshop ID: 1042

2008, October 19–25
New Perspectives in Stochastic Geometry
Wilfrid S. Kendall, Warwick
Günter Last, Karlsruhe
Ilya Molchanov, Bern
Workshop ID: 0843a


2013, July 21–27
The Willmore Functional and the Willmore Conjecture
Tobias Lamm, Karlsruhe
Jan Metzger, Potsdam
Andre Neves, London
Workshop ID: 1330b

2012, Nov 25–Dec 01
Efficient and Robust Approximation of the Helmholtz Equation
Markus Melenk, Wien
Peter Monk, Delaware
Christian Wieners, Karlsruhe
Workshop ID: 1248a

2012, January 01–07
Manifolds with Lower Curvature Bounds
Anand Dessai, Fribourg
Wilderich Tuschmann, Karlsruhe
Burkhard Wilking, Münster
Workshop ID: 1201a

2011, January 16-22
Nonlinear Least Squares in Shape Identification Problems
Marc Dambrine, Pau
Frank Hettlich, Karlsruhe
Roland Potthast, Reading
Workshop ID: 1103c


2014, June 08-14
Moduli Spaces of Riemannian Metrics
Wilderich Tuschmann, Karlsruhe
David J. Wraith, Maynooth
Workshop ID: 1424a

2008, October 12-18
Mathematics of Photonic Crystals
Willy Dörfler, Karlsruhe
Michael Plum, Karlsruhe
Guido Schneider, Stuttgart
Lutz Weis, Karlsruhe
Workshop ID: 0842b