Webrelaunch 2020

On the fractional Calderon problem

  • Referent: Prof. Dr. Angkana Rüland
  • Ort: SR 1.067 und via Zoom
  • Termin: 4.5.2023, 14:00 Uhr - 4.5.2023, 15:00 Uhr
  • Gastgeber: Prof. Dr. Roland Schnaubelt


The Calderon problem is a prototypical elliptic inverse problem in which one seeks to recover an unknown conductivity within a conducting medium by voltage-to-current measurements at the boundary. The fractional Calderon problem is a nonlocal variant of this problem in which new, genuinely nonlocal features arise. These allow to address problems such as partial data uniqueness results or uniqueness and stability properties in critical function spaces -- both long-standing open problems for the local counterpart. In this talk I introduce this nonlocal inverse problem, highlight some of its genuinely nonlocal properties and, if time permits, draw a connection between the local and nonlocal problem.

This is based on joint work with Giovanni Covi, Tuhin Ghosh, Mikko Salo and Gunther Uhlmann.