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Karlsruhe PDE Lectures

In order to complement our own expertise we regularly invite international experts to present
short courses on recent developments in the analysis and numerics of partial differential equations.

12.05. & 13.07.2022 Dmitry Pelinovsky (McMaster University, Canada) - Mini-Course: Stability of nonlinear waves in integrable Hamiltonian systems
10.-17.12.2020 Robert Schippa (KIT, Germany) - Mini-Course: Semilinear dispersive equations
10.-12.04.2019 Hajer Bahouri (CNRS, Univ. Paris-Est Créteil, France) - Mini-Course: Blow up mechanism for nonlinear wave equations
Raphaël Danchin (Univ. Paris-Est Créteil, France) - Mini-Course: Fluid mechanic issues for flows with rough density and vacuum
09.05.-11.07.2018 Jaroslaw Mederski (Polish Academy of Sciences, Warsaw) - Nonlinear Maxwell equations, a variational approach
18.09.-21.09.2017 Martina Hofmanova (TU Berlin, now University of Bielefeld) - PDEs and irregularity
01.2016 Zdzislaw Brzezniak (University of York) - Manifold valued stochastic wave and heat equations, dates: 21.01., 26.01., 04.02.
21.08.-22.08.2014 Erwan Faou (ENS Paris & INRIA Rennes) - Lecture-Series: Short course on "Introduction to Geometric Numerical Integration for PDEs"
14.02.-17.02.2014 C. Eugene Wayne (Boston University) - Lecture-Series: An introduction to the existence and stability of nonlinear waves
07.10.-09.10.2013 Alexandre Ern (Paris Est) - Short course on Discontinuous Galerkin methods
22.04.-26.04.2013 Cristian Gutierrez (Temple University) - Lecture-Series on Geometric Optics and Applications
13.05.-24.06.2013 Jeremy Marzuola (North Carolina, Chapel) - Lecture-Series on Nonlinear Waves, Monday, 11:30-13:00 in 1C-01
14.10.-16.10.2011 Boris Buffoni (EPFL Switzerland) - Workshop on Wave phenomena, Freudenstadt Lauterbad
06.04.-07.04.2011 Dominik Schötzau (Vancouver) - Discontinuous Galerkin Methods: Introduction DG; history of the development of DG methods, the original DG methods: time-stepping and advection-reaction
04.04.-05.04.2011 Serge Nicaise (Valencienne) - The heterogeneous Maxwell equations: Existence results with different boundary conditions. Stability and controllability of results
07.04.-08.04.2008 Lectures on Mathematical Topics in Electromagnetic Fields and Wave Propagation. Speakers: Patrick Joly (INRIA Paris), Monique Dauge (Université Rennes), David Lannes (Univ. Bordeaux), Panayotis G. Kevrekidis (University of Massachusetts, Amherst)
18.10.-19.10.2007 Lectures on Mathematics of Photonic Crystals. Speakers: Bjoern Sandstede (Guildford), Alexander Figotin (Irvine), Daniele Boffi (Pavia), Olaf Post (Berlin)