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CRC continued

More than 50 mathematicians from our faculty, four working groups from other KIT faculties and partners from Stuttgart, Tübingen and Vienna are involved in SFB 1173. Scientists of all career levels work together to analytically understand the propagation of waves under realistic conditions, to simulate them numerically and finally to control them. In particular, research focuses on characteristic wave phenomena such as the occurrence of standing and travelling waves or wave fronts, oscillations and resonances, dispersion, wave guidance as well as reflection, refraction and scattering of waves. The extraordinary potential of the SFB lies in the close cooperation of specialists in analysis and numerics. Five project leaders from optics and photonics, biomedical engineering and applied geophysics form the interface to applications. The integrated Research Training Group enables doctoral and postdoctoral students to benefit from this stimulating interdisciplinary collaboration and thus supports a new generation of mathematicians at an early stage of their careers.

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