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Current Preprints

  • Tappe, S. (2020): Permutation invariant strong law of large numbers for exchangeable sequences. 5 pages (arXiv)
  • Tappe, S. (2020): The dual Yamada-Watanabe theorem for mild solutions to stochastic partial differential equations. 12 pages (arXiv)
  • Platen, E., Tappe, S. (2020): Existence of equivalent local martingale deflators in semimartingale market models. 41 pages (arXiv)
  • Platen, E., Tappe, S. (2020): The fundamental theorem of asset pricing for self-financing portfolios. 33 pages (arXiv)
  • Platen, E., Tappe, S. (2020): No-arbitrage concepts in topological vector lattices. 30 pages (arXiv)

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Review Articles

Articles of general interest

  • Tappe, S. (2020): A simple mathematical model for the evolution of the corona virus. 6 pages (arXiv)

Further Articles

  • Filipović, D., Tappe, S., Teichmann, J. (2014): Stochastic partial differential equations and submanifolds in Hilbert spaces. Electronic appendix of the article "Invariant manifolds with boundary for jump-diffusions" (arXiv)


  • Tappe, S. (2005): Finite dimensional realizations for term structure models driven by semimartingales. PhD Thesis, Humboldt University of Berlin, 153 pages (edoc-Server)
  • Tappe, S. (2002): Cellular resolutions of monomial ideals. Diploma Thesis, University of Paderborn, 171 pages