Alessandro Carderi

Mail: alessandro.carderi  @

Karlsruher Institut für Technologie
Fakultät für Mathematik
Institut für Algebra und Geometrie
Englerstr. 2 Mathebau (20.30)
76131 Karlsruhe

I am a Post-Doc at the KIT in the Institute of Algebra and Geometry, research group of Topology. A very short CV.

Research interests

I'm interested in groups, how they behave, act and interact with each other. I'm especially exited whenever the group interacts with some analytic or topological structure. More specifically, we have worked around the following concepts.
  • Probability measure preserving actions of countable, locally compact and Polish groups and the associated equivalence relations and von Neumann algebras.
  • Asymptotic properties of finite groups, sofic approximations or quotients by lattices, especially when these can be detected by ultraproducts of metric or measure spaces.
  • Examples, topologies and properties of Polish groups, such as (extreme) amenability, simplicity, uniqueness of topology, actions and representations.
  • The geometry of subgroups of a given group, the associated action by conjugation and the probability measure preserved by it.
  • Here you can download a short Research resume concerning my past research.


    A.C. thanks François Le Maître for helping designing this webpage.