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Master program in Mathematics taught in English

Welcome to the Master (MSc) Programme in Mathematics at Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT)!

The Master in Mathematics Programme at KIT is research-oriented and has a strong focus on in-depth studies in a wide range of pure & applied mathematics subjects. We welcome students who have strong background in mathematics and who are interested in continuing their studies in wide areas of pure and applied mathematics at the KIT Department of Mathematics.

  • Faculty members of the KIT Department of Mathematics are internationally recognised experts in

Algebra and Geometry
Analysis and Differential Equations
Numerical Analysis and Partial Differential Equations, Scientific Computing, Inverse Problems, Computational and Data Sciences
Computational Statistics, Stochastics, and Stochastic Processes in Finance, Actuarial Science and Engineering.

  • Our students can also benefit greatly from a variety of programms offered by the following research centers embedded in KIT

Collaborative Research Centre CRC1173: Wave Phenomena: analysis and numerics
KIT Center MathSEE: Mathematics in Sciences, Engineering, and Economics
Research Training Group RTG2229: Asymptotic Invariants and Limits of Groups and Spaces

  • The students are also free to choose courses in some non-mathematics subjects such as

Computer Science
Mechanical Engineering
Electrical Engineering

For a detailed description of the study plan, study regulation and required credit points, please visit the website StudyPlan.
If you have further questions, please contact JProf. Xian Liao (Office hour: 12-13pm-Monday in Room 3.027-MathBuilding, Email: xian.liao(at)kit.edu).

Below you can find informations on
Time Plan
Study at KIT


Please find the course plan for the international program in Winter Semester 2024/25 (WS24/25) here and the time schedule. Note that there may be minor changes in the organization of courses before the start of the semester.

For the master courses given in English language within Department of Mathematics at KIT in the current Summer Semester 2024 (SS24), please see the table below.
The courses held in English are part of the regular mathematics program and are also open to German students. In particular, tutorials, seminars and lab courses offer opportunities for cooperation. Enrolled students may attend courses not only in English but also in German. For a complete list of the mathematical courses given in English/German language in SS24, please visit CoursesSS24.
The module handbooks, which include the complete list and detailed descriptions (e.g. credit points) of courses in mathematics and in other complementary fields (not necessarily for the current semester), can be found here.
For the master courses given in English language in the past, please see Archive: Classes.

Courses for the International Program in Summer Semester 2024
No. Type Title Lecturer
0100015 Seminar Krumscheid
0100300 Lecture Sorcar
0100310 Problem class Kupper
0120700 Seminar Liao
0120750 Seminar Llosa Isenrich
0150300 Lecture Axenovich
0150310 Problem class Axenovich
0152600 Lecture Winter
0152610 Problem class Winter
0152900 Lecture Fioravanti
0153300 Lecture Link
0153310 Problem class Link
0156450 Lecture Lewintan
0156500 Lecture Schnaubelt
0156510 Problem class Schnaubelt
0156700 Lecture Lamm
0156710 Problem class Lamm
0156850 Lecture Kunstmann
0156860 Problem class Kunstmann
0156900 Lecture Tolksdorf
0156910 Lecture Tolksdorf
0157500 Lecture Lewintan
0157510 Problem class Lewintan
0159400 Lecture Fasen-Hartmann
0159410 Problem class Fasen-Hartmann
0161100 Lecture Gneiting
0161110 Problem class Gneiting
0161300 Lecture Jahnke
0161310 Problem class Jahnke
0161600 Lecture Dörfler
0161610 Problem class Dörfler
0161700 Laboratory Thäter
0163800 Lecture Krumscheid
0163810 Problem class Krumscheid
0164400 Lecture Frank
0164410 Problem class Frank
0165650 Lecture Ebner
0165660 Problem class Ebner
0166100 Lecture Maier
0166110 Problem class Maier
0166150 Lecture Dörfler
0166160 Problem class Dörfler
0173700 Lecture Grimm
0173710 Problem class Grimm
0174800 Seminar Axenovich
0175300 Seminar Thäter
0177700 Seminar Last


For general questions regarding requirements, application procedures, tuition fee, please visit International Students Office at KIT, and in particular Application for Master Programme in Mathematics.
We ask foreign students to apply via the webpages of the International Students Office https://bewerbung.studium.kit.edu/prod/campus/Portal/Start?l=en

Deadline for application
-July 15th, for the winter semester
-January 15th, for the summer semester

-Bachelor degree in Mathematics corresponding to at least three years of study at a university or a qualification equivalent to it (e.g. a degree in Physics or Engineering with large mathematical content)
- Knowledge in mathematics including but not limited to abstract and linear algebra, analysis, functional analysis, probability theory, and numerical methods 
-Proficiency in English (with proof of language tests, e.g. TOEFL with minimum score 230) or German language (DSH or basic level III)

Recommendations for the application
-Submit your application as early as possible (at least one month before the deadline)
-Attach a cover letter for your application explaining your motivation to study at KIT and your competence in mathematics.

Time Plan

The Master in Mathematics Programme is designed to be completed within two years, consisting of four semesters.
The important dates and deadlines at KIT is found here, and in general the lecture period is
- from mid October to mid February (15 weeks), for the winter semester,
- from mid April to end of July (14 weeks), for the summer semester.

For a detailed description of the study plan, study regulation and required credit points, please visit the website StudyPlan.
Generally speaking, 120 Credit Points (CP) are to be collected during the four semesters:
- During the first three semesters, the students take lectures & seminars (90 CP, see Courses above).
The students visit the advanced mathematical or non-mathematical lectures to deepen their knowledge, while research and student seminars expose the students to a wide range of topics and train them to critically read recent publications and present the material to the public.
- During the last semester, the students are expected to write the Master's thesis (30 CP) under the guidance of a faculty member.
A required Master's thesis allows for students to immerse into real research and deeply learn one of the selected topics.

Study at KIT

Tuition fee
There is a tuition fee of EUR 1,500 per semester for non-EU students, see https://www.intl.kit.edu/istudies/9638.php
Please note that KIT cannot offer stipends or scholarships. Please note that most funding agencies such as national funds and DAAD require approximately one year to process applications.

Language classes
German language classes are offered by the Language Center at KIT.
The language center at KIT offers also many other language courses.

Student Council (Fachschaft)
The students at Fachschaft Mathematik/Informatik are ready to help you with your questions, which may concern exams, mini-jobs, events. Once enrolled international students are welcome to contact Fachschaft by sending an email to international@fsmi.uni-karlsruhe.de or simply visiting in person. The International Master Mathematics Handbook collects very useful informations (e.g. KIT-Accounts, WLAN, Libraries, Websites, Study Plans) for international students.

KIT University Sport
The Hochschulesport at KIT offers a comprehensive sports program in the areas of popular and competitive sports.

Living in Karlsruhe
The official website of the city Karlsruhe can be found here, where you can find the informations ranging from the application of residence permits to the offers of free time activities.
It is not easy to find accommodations on a short notice. We recommend to get in touch with the Housing Department as soon as possible. More useful informations can also be found LivingLearningKarlsruhe.