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Lunchmeeting in Math

  • Time: 1.7.2024, 12:00

You've always wondered what goes on in this house. But you've never really dared to ask. Or you just want to make new contacts.

Then you've come to the right place. We invite all students and staff to a joint lunch in the refectory.

We will meet at 12:00 in the atrium of the Math Building and then go to the Mensa together.

The purpose is to have an informal exchange in mathematics (students, staff and professors) and simply to give them the opportunity to get into conversation.
But also to be able to network among students and get to know other fellow students.

Everyone is equally welcome!

We continue this in the next semester:

  • Donnerstag, 14.12.
  • Freitag, 12.01.
  • Montag, 29.01.
  • Dienstag, 13.02.